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About us

Through our approach towards a strategic and creative, and future visions aiming at professionally establishing and consolidating a renewable developing real estate philosophy in addition to our aspiration to reinforce our leadership in the real-estate market in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the regional area, sarai real estate development (sarai) was established in 2008, as a Saudi company specialized in the acquisition and development of land. sarai real estate development provides integrated solution for local and regional real estate sections, depriving its excellence from exacting leading and major projects in the field of real estate investment in the kingdom of Bahrain for more than 12 years. an example of these projects is: “Amwaj Island”


Our Objective

to execute the company’s projects by utilizing modern development standards while abiding by the agreed-upon period of time in order to realize an everlasting impact and added value for achieve the company’s goal added value for achieve the company’s goal embodied in elevating the quality level in conjunction with our strategic partners while carrying out their the projects with the same high spirit.

Our mission

our mission is to seek investment opportunities in the kingdom og Saudi Arabia, develop real-estate innovative and leading projects in accordance with the highest quality standards and based on the detailed strategic studies and to focus on providing high quality, modern-designed and unique housing solutions in conformity with the original Arabic traditions and in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customers who play the most active role in making our business successful and flourishing.

Our vision

achieving universality and specialty to reach the business integration with the aim of providing the best service at the lowest possible cost in a short time in order to realize the quality of investment and reach the universality in a highly professional manner.


the first project was al-marsa resort which is located on half-moon beach in the eastem province. this projects is considered a haven of luxury and excellence as it consist of 594 seashore villas designed in many different types of design and surrounded by fascinating natural views and coast embraced with tranquility and calmness, in addition to 300 hotel apartments that include a vast group developed luxuries which provide an exceptional life style.

the project’s features

no landfill to the beach was made; instead, the company performed erosion technique to the area. the studies and designs were drawn up and prepared by the most reputable and reputable international engineering companies to provide permanent stream-lining of the sea-water movements. besides, necessary studies were made to the tide movement. the villa design was made in a manner to reflect the Arab originality with a style full of luxury and serenity.

al-marsa resort includes many luxuries such as health clubs, high-class restaurants with complete privacy. these is also an integrated center furnished with the most advanced equipment and conference halls that give integrated business environment. we have not forgotten t build child-playgrounds as well as parks that provide entertainment, joy, and excitement for the children. among other services are hotel apartments with the highest world-class specifications.


  • Real

    providing distinctive and successful real-estate investment opportunities, drawing up detailed feasibility studies as well as preparing marketing researches, setting sales strategies and establishing investment funds in cooperation with specialized companies.

    A. investment funds: finding and offering real-estate projects through investment funds by drawing up studies and building strategic partnerships with specialized financial companies, as well as supervising the investment project offering, construction, marketing and selling activities.

    B. researches and studies: preparing company’s real-estate reports for the company and other entities through different which adopt the international appraisal and consulting standards.

  • Project management

    applying programs and utilizing enterprise resource planning (EPR) in managing the administrative, financial and technical systems, utilizing international in planning construction projects (Primavera), as well as using the principles of value engineering in executing all of the company’s projects.

  • Property management

    the company runs and manages different properties including the administrative and commercial buildings, resorts and housing compounds either for the company’s projects or for other parties.

    - reviewing the property drawing and ensuring the efficiency of all designs in achieving the required commercial purposes

    - preparing the project’s reports, letters of accruals and administrative expenses.

    - managing the utilities and reviewing their performance in terms of providing the property’s basic services including the maintenance and security services.

    - representing tenants and landlords and providing the best solutions through technical consultations concerning usufructuary rights and property management.

    - representing sellers and buyers and providing releavant  recommendation to them.

    - local and international marketing through establishing strategic partnerships with companies and managing off-shore properties for marketing and mutual sales.

  • Real estate appraisal

    the company’s real-estate appraisal section follows international appraisal standards and presents the real-estate appraisal reports according to sound scientific methods in accordance with uniform standard of professional appraisal practice, and performs real-estae appraisal for both the development projects and the clients. this is done through performing the appraisal using modern methods and professional cadres having the potentails of engineering and administrative supervisions to ensure performing work in a sound manner and in conformity with the quality standards.

  • logistic support for companies

    - providing logistic support services for local and foreign companies such as helping them in purchasing properties (commercial-housing)

    - providing engineering consultation services such as decor works and internal design.

    - providing supervision, maintenance, and operating services.

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